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top partner for made-to-measure Fresh Food Chains

Fresh Food, vegetables and fruits, are the most important source of healthy ingredients for man.  Fresh Food chains close to cities are therefore important building blocks for a healthy population. For decades, The Netherlands is a leading country in horticulture and health. Dutch greenhouses have the highest productivity and solidity in the world. Now Dutch horticulture players are teaming up in the next phase of horticulture innovation, FreshTeq.NL.


FreshTeq.NL is the national innovation programme that bundles the full know-how of The Netherlands to transform from a strong supplier of high-end greenhouses and related technology to a wide-ranging partner for local organizations in developing fresh food chains in densely populated areas, “from seed to eat”.

FreshTeq.NL is partner for companies, retailers and local / regional governments world-wide in creating fresh food chains that provide sufficient, safe, healthy and affordable fresh food that is sustainably produced.

For whom?

Any city, region, major retailer can team up with FreshTeq.NL to jointly design and implement customised fresh food solutions, from single components to full chain solutions that are well-integrated with other primary facilities, like water systems.

FreshTeq.NL is the one-stop shop from solutions for an individual grower to the smart design of a fresh food chain from grower to retail store. From top end regions to the regions that are moving from open field to covered/protected growth. From regions with a focus on production only to regions that are developing integrated sustainable food production and logistics systems.

Breeding ground of FreshTeq.NL

FreshTeq.NL integrates and unleashes the full horticulture development power of The Netherlands. The partners in FreshTeq.NL are amongst the best in their specific domains: seed development, grafting, growing, advanced measuring, climate control, smart logistics, vision development, robotics, chain integration and so forth. These companies team up in joint system development, from highly advanced systems for the top greenhouses to a broad array of lower cost “smart solutions” that can be used in, for example, plastic tunnels. The Dutch innovation in horticulture has a strong technological backbone: universities that belong to the top knowledge institutes in the world: Wageningen University, Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, Groningen University, TNO, InHolland, just to name a few. FreshTeq.NL therefore has a sound scientific basis, whilst the densely populated country of The Netherlands itself serves as a pilot plant for innovative fresh food chain solutions for large cities.

Dedicated Fieldlab for world-wide fresh food solutions

In addition to the vast array of companies in FreshTeq.NL, September 2017, the new FreshTeq.NL Fieldlab will be opened. It is an advanced innovation, education & training and demonstration centre that covers all aspects of horticulture. The Fieldlab is a central meeting place for organisations searching for fresh food chain solutions and those who can contribute to developing and implementing those solutions. It has amongst others special climate halls that can mimic any climate in the world, it has rapid prototyping facilities to enable customers to engage in fast development teaming up with top companies, large and small, and research institutes.

The FreshTeq.NL Field Lab (open September 2017)

The FieldLab is the hands-on innovation and technology platform of FreshTeq.NL. A brand new facility is currently being built in Naaldwijk, The Netherlands. This new FieldLab is the new generation of the successful “Demokwekerij” (literally: Demonstration Growth Centre) and will open its gates in September 2017. The Demokwekerij has a significant track-record as a respected partner for fresh food training programmes, research and innovation projects for customers from all across the globe. The Demokwekerij plays an important role in the new FreshTeq.NL programme.

Demonstration and Inspiration units for protected growth

The Field Lab has five climate zones that can be fully tuned to mimic the growth conditions of all regions in the world. In those climate zones the Field Lab can configure and demonstrate solutions for plant growth management and handling that are fully customised to the growth environment (climate, economic environment, technological environment, legislation,..) of the potential partners. These are so-called Next Generation solutions that can be implemented typically within a year. For future solutions, the Field Lab has partnerships with the R&D centre of the Wageningen University in Bleiswijk and RoboValley at the campus of the Delft University of Technology.

Innovation labs

In FreshTeq.NL, innovation starts with the (unspoken) needs of the customer, not from products or technology. The FieldLab has a number of Innovation Rooms, specially equipped to facilitate professional, systematic co-innovation with customers, from Situation Analysis, Voice-of-the-Customer all the way to definition of functional specification, solutions and plans for training, implementation and result monitoring. Thus, we ensure that the voice-of-the-customer is fully and visibly embedded in the solution.

Rapid Prototyping Lab

In order to enable our customers to benefit as soon as possible from new innovations born at universities and smart innovators in the industry we have created a Rapid Prototyping Lab, where R&D staff from universities, contract research organisations and industrial innovators develop prototypes of design solutions. The fastest way from know-how to value creation.

Research and Development labs

The Field Lab has ample R&D space, large and small for partners to execute development projects. These can be open or closed spaces, depending on the demands of the customer.

Testing and Validation labs

Customers can test and validate their new solutions at the Field Lab. The testing and validation is done jointly, on basis of an agreed testing and validation protocol. The testing includes adherence to rules and regulations, technological performance, ease of operation, controllability and output testing. The signed Validation Document after successful Testing and Validation trials marks the end of the co-development and/or customer acceptance stage.

Education and training

The Field Lab offers various forms of education and training. Generic training for growers and others players in the chain, government official and others to provide the latest insights in growth science, methods and technology. The Field Lab offers also specific training for specific teams, customised to their specific growth environment and growth processes and technical solutions.

The current FieldLab: see


Tjerk Gorter MSc
Programme Director of FreshTeq.NL

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